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Energy Accounting.

As a leading player in the energy market, we make life easier for companies in terms of their energy policy and develop future-proof energy strategies. Our team of experts negotiates, manages and optimizes our customers’ energy contracts on a continuous and transparent basis. Supported by AI-driven software, we provide an insight into the current and future cost of each MWh. We incorporate sustainability into our overall approach and adopt a pragmatic and solution driven approach to support you in the energy transition process. Together, we will create the optimum energy environment for your business.


Small and medium sized enterprises.

As an SME, you can call on our expertise to outline an optimal energy plan. We take on your energy management and create a carefully considered energy environment tailored to your business. This includes integrating optimal energy contracts, peak power management and measuring your solar production based on a 360° approach.


Companies with multiple subsidiaries.

Thanks to our transparent approach and user friendly tools, you retain an overview of energy contracts, suppliers and price terms for all your locations at all times. We calculate and analyze your consumption both at group level and at individual sites, providing you with a unique insight into your energy costs, a useful aspect for CO2 or ESG reporting.

Businesses at high or industrial energy levels.

Together with you, our team will deploy its know-how to develop an optimized energy plan tailored to your business. We analyze your energy issues and formulate objective, solution focused advice. When negotiating your contracts and (c)PPAs we take into account any aspects such as sustainability, flexibility and hedging risks.

Federations, associations and governments.

You can count on Odot's expertise to manage your public tenders and government contracts. We provide energy related advice when drawing up the tender, always in line with the most effective energy strategy, and actively follow up awarded contracts. As a purchasing organization or sector federation, you can expand and professionalize your energy offer to your members using our services.


Energy Contract Management.

Odot offers a comprehensive energy contract management service, whereby we survey our customers’ current energy situation, negotiate new contracts with a focus on flexibility and cost control, and actively manage the energy contract on the basis of market trends and the customer's risk profile. Our expertise in the complex energy market and our independence from suppliers allows us to make the best possible decisions on behalf of our customers. Our my.Odot application will also enable you to maintain a comprehensive and transparent overview of your energy situation and our activities.

Cost & Consumption Management.

Your electricity, natural gas and production energy flows will be measured in detail and visualized in convenient graphs. We combine your consumption with the pricing terms in your energy contract so that you know exactly how much each MWh costs or yields. Our team will analyze your metering data and give you an insight into budgets, carbon emissions and any sub aspects of your energy costs. This enables us to check your energy bills in minute detail, perform optimal peak power management and respond objectively to your future energy issues. Any data from my.Odot can be exported for your own use in a user friendly way.




Our services cover a wide range of expertise in various energy fields. Supported by AI-driven in-house developed software, our team runs advanced simulations to help you make the right decisions in terms of your energy needs. We provide a detailed insight into how your energy sources will perform and how they will affect your energy situation. Whether you are considering a solar installation or wind turbine, or are facing other energy related issues, our consulting services are designed to provide you with the most accurate and valuable insights to optimize your energy costs and develop a sustainable energy plan.

This is why you opt for Odot.

Odot has access to a huge amount of expertise, making us your most reliable partner in this rapidly changing energy market. Our long term cooperation with customers is based on a pragmatic and solution focused approach and we will guide you through the energy transition in an energetic and dynamic manner.



Completely digital and 100% transparent insights.

Innovation and a digital mindset are important cornerstones of our organization. Our my.Odot application visualizes data driven analytics and offers numerous unique insights into your energy situation. Our tool is expanded on a modular basis to give you the best possible customer experience. Thanks to the extremely user friendly interface, you will benefit from 100% transparency with respect to our activities and gain a complete overview of your energy environment.


Enduring relationships
with customers and stakeholders.

Odot aims to project itself as a reliable and long term partner, who makes a positive and lasting impression. We are not merely a service provider for our customers, but an integral part of the organization. Our close and constructive collaboration with suppliers, installers and developers is part of the key to our success and ensures that we can rely on the sound and sustainable ecosystems of partner organizations.


International operations with a local presence.

The center of our organization is located in the green community of Schoten. Umbrella services for our customers with national and international branches are provided from our head office.  Because we value personal contact, we choose to attract experts from all over Belgium to ensure that our customers still have a local point of contact. Our local presence is strengthened by national and regional networks, where we can provide added value as energy experts.

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