Create an ideal and cost efficient energy environment.

Find out how we can provide customized solutions for larger energy consumers, optimize your energy management and negotiate appropriate energy contracts and (c)PPAs. As prominent leaders in energy management, we understand the challenges you face and provide unique insights, assisting you through the energy transition process in a dynamic and cost effective way.

Energy Accounting tailored to your business.

Working with Odot not only gives you peace of mind, it also puts you in control of your energy expenses.



Energy Contract Management.


Our team of experts will adopt a 360° approach to your energy situation and include all relevant aspects when it comes to negotiating the best possible future energy contracts and the efficient management of your current agreements. Using in-depth analyses, we examine which approach offers the highest profitability and consider all available options concerning energy, PPA, return to the grid and Energy Sharing contracts. In doing so, we pay attention to your specific consumption profile and minimize price risks. We evaluate price markets on a daily basis to ensure that we can take advantage of the right opportunities. Together with you, we will determine the ideal buying and selling strategy for your company’s energy and set up the most appropriate energy environment.


Cost & Consumption Management.

Our amazingly user friendly tool visualizes new insights into your off-take and production profiles on a daily basis and highlights the right areas of interest in your energy flows. We calculate your consumption, down to a quarter of an hour level, and your power peaks, allowing us to take targeted action to minimize capacity tariff related costs. The unique combination of your energy consumption and production with all the price components from your energy contracts, will provide you with a detailed insight into the total cost of your energy and the exact cost and yield of each MWh. This enables us to check your energy bill in detail. Our in-house developed tools enable us to easily visualize budget and CO2 calculations and make future projections.





As part of our overall approach, you can always call upon our in-house team of experts for specific energy issues. Our analysts offer various customized solutions including profile analyses, yield studies and business case calculations. As part of these services, we often investigate innovative, sustainable alternatives for our client portfolio, such as battery storage and participation in wind turbine projects. Our calculations provide an insight into new possibilities and together we can make the most appropriate choices as part of a future‑proof energy strategy.


About our customers.

Odot keeps a close eye on the energy market, which means that we at Brewery De Brabandere can focus exclusively on our main activity.

Albert De Brabandere

Albert De Brabandere

Brouwerij De Brabandere

Thanks to the solutions provided by Odot we at Shrimp Tempura no longer have to deal with the administrative hassle associated with energy management. This allows us to focus on our core business – creating culinary experiences – without having to worry.

Tamara Verley

Tamara Verley

Shrimp Tempura

Odot has a transparent, honest approach and doesn’t merely chase commissions. I am happy with this level of collaboration.

Jean-Charles Wibo

Jean-Charles Wibo


While Odot was constantly monitoring the most favorable energy prices on our behalf, we at Omer were able to focus fully on creating the highest quality beers.

Nico Nimmegeers

Nico Nimmegeers

Omer Vander Ghinste

Prices in the various energy markets are erratic. Being an energy expert, Odot is in a better position to make these assessments than we are.

JP Pernet

JP Pernet

Group Van Loon

With Odot, we managed to strike a deal in confidence in just two days. We urgently needed a partner during our start-up to secure our connection with the grid operator. Apart from the speed, the fact that they could also arrange green energy at favorable terms for us was particularly important.

Yves Champagne

Yves Champagne


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