Energy Accounting
for all your sites.

Optimize the cost efficiency of all your subsidiaries with our specialized energy management services. Odot will provide you with an up to date overview of your energy contracts, price terms, suppliers, installations and energy consumption at all times.

Energy Accounting tailored to your business.

Working with Odot not only gives you peace of mind, it also puts you in control of your energy expenses.



Energy Contract Management.


Odot will keep an overview within the administrative tangle of energy contracts on your behalf. Our my.Odot application offers significant advantages to companies operating from many different locations, enabling them to keep an overview of all their sites, including detailed information on pricing terms and energy consumption. We will manage, negotiate and optimize your energy contracts and relieve you of any hassle associated with opening or closing new branches. Our team guarantees dynamic yet worry free energy management. Together we create your ideal energy environment with transparency, flexibility and sustainability in mind.


Cost & Consumption Management.

Our service greatly facilitates access to cumulative consumption data, with export options for specific sites or aggregated data for more extensive use within your company. Within the context of carbon and ESG reporting, our my.Odot tool makes it possible to formulate detailed reports for each office, enabling you to develop specific action plans and assess your energy efficiency progress annually. By combining your consumption with the price terms we negotiated, you will know the exact cost or yield of each MWh at any time, making it easy to formulate budgets and forecasts.





For specific energy issues you can count on our team of in-house experts. Supported by our in-house developed tools, we calculate the impact of your solar panels and charging stations. Among other things, we also provide valuable support with respect to the concept of Energy Sharing, conducting a detailed analysis and efficiency study. Odot helps you make the right choices for your future energy strategy so that it can contribute to a more cost efficient and sustainable energy supply for all your sites.


About our customers.

Odot keeps a close eye on the energy market, which means that we at Brewery De Brabandere can focus exclusively on our main activity.

Albert De Brabandere

Albert De Brabandere

Brouwerij De Brabandere

Thanks to the solutions provided by Odot we at Shrimp Tempura no longer have to deal with the administrative hassle associated with energy management. This allows us to focus on our core business – creating culinary experiences – without having to worry.

Tamara Verley

Tamara Verley

Shrimp Tempura

Odot has a transparent, honest approach and doesn’t merely chase commissions. I am happy with this level of collaboration.

Jean-Charles Wibo

Jean-Charles Wibo


While Odot was constantly monitoring the most favorable energy prices on our behalf, we at Omer were able to focus fully on creating the highest quality beers.

Nico Nimmegeers

Nico Nimmegeers

Omer Vander Ghinste

Prices in the various energy markets are erratic. Being an energy expert, Odot is in a better position to make these assessments than we are.

JP Pernet

JP Pernet

Group Van Loon

With Odot, we managed to strike a deal in confidence in just two days. We urgently needed a partner during our start-up to secure our connection with the grid operator. Apart from the speed, the fact that they could also arrange green energy at favorable terms for us was particularly important.

Yves Champagne

Yves Champagne


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