Anticipated developments in energy prices in 2024 and beyond.

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In a world in which energy plays a critical role, Odot’s dedicated team is ready to guide you to a sustainable and cost effective energy future. As experts in energy management, we recently had an in-depth conversation with our CEO, Chris Elbers, to gain an insight into the anticipated developments in energy prices in 2024 and beyond. We would like to emphasize that our strength as a team of experts lies in our years of experience in buying and selling energy. This expertise allows us to develop strategies that can effectively hedge risks into the future, making the uncertainties in this dynamic market more manageable. Let’s explore this journey together and understand why cooperation on a carefully considered strategy is essential.

1. Current status:

The current gas supply scenario appears to be favorable, but prices still reflect the impact of global events. Even minor reports about gas production or consumption can significantly affect prices.

2. Risks and opportunities in 2024:

Asked whether energy prices will remain stable in 2024, Chris pointed to potential supply and demand risks. He emphasized that a recession could lead to declining energy consumption, which could affect prices. On the supply side, with the expanding deployment of renewables, he foresees increasing supplies that will put pressure on prices.

3. Impact of electricity production:

Chris explained how electricity generation powered by nuclear, gas and renewable sources plays a crucial role. With the planned phasing out of nuclear power plants and the increase in solar and wind power, we are becoming more dependent upon gas power plants. Prices will be heavily influenced by factors such as gas and CO2 prices, as well as geopolitical situations such as the relationship with Russia.

4. Need for flexible strategies:

In the winter of 2025 a shortage of nuclear power could lead to significant problems. Chris consequently emphasized the importance of risk management and developing flexible strategies. Odot is ready to guide you when making informed decisions to optimize your energy costs.

Conclusion and call to action.

Our CEO, Chris Elbers, advises companies to assess their risks and hedge against uncertainties in the energy market. Developing an energy strategy is a complex task that requires the necessary expertise. At Odot, we understand the nuances of energy management and offer the support you need to build a resilient future together.

Let Odot be your partner in energy management.

In this dynamic energy market, where uncertainty is the only constant, Odot offers the expertise and guidance you need. Together, we can develop a strategy that will make your business resilient in the rapidly changing energy landscapes of 2024 and beyond.


Odot will lower your energy costs using a unique procurement model supported by AI and innovative software. Our knowledge of the energy market will ensure that you benefit from the most advantageous tariffs, continuous price monitoring and a contract to suit your requirements.