BDO and Odot join forces for sustainable energy management.

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Similar to companies relying on their Accountant for appropriate tax advice, our customers rely on Odot for optimal energy management. BDO’s participation in our capital enables us to join forces and market "Energy Accounting" as a new concept. Thanks to this partnership even more companies are able to access efficient and sustainable solutions for their energy expenditure.

Energy Accounting for businesses.

Discussions between BDO and Odot soon highlighted that a partnership would deliver significant added value for both parties. Being an expert in financial auditing, accounting and business consulting, it is natural for BDO to assist customers in a structured manner when optimizing their energy costs. Odot in turn is completely au fait with how energy contracts are structured, where hidden margins and risks can be identified, which administrative costs are charged, how the link is made with wholesale prices and where improvement opportunities can be found. Both Odot and BDO aim to expand and implement the link between optimal energy management, detailed analyses, proactive advice and state-of-the-art IT tools on behalf of their business customers.

BDO Participatie

Benefits of our my.Odot application.

We combine our in-depth knowledge of the energy market in our user friendly my.Odot software application, which provides customers with unique insights into their energy flows. The system charts the impact of large consumers on energy bills and notifies users of, among other things, power peaks in relation to the capacity tariff. Smart solutions such as the integration of solar panels, charging stations and batteries are also incorporated in order to achieve the perfect energy mix.

Identifying high energy costs using AI algorithms.

To help companies optimize their energy costs as efficiently as possible a link will be established with aiGust, the fintech start-up that BDO has launched together with several industry peers. aiGUST collates anonymized company accounting data from various Belgian accountants, and artificial intelligence is used to perform analyses and make predictions based on many different parameters. By combining aiGust intelligence with Odot’s expertise and knowledge, analyses and predictions can be made with respect to many different parameters. Companies thus benefit from a comprehensive and integrated energy management solution.

Collaboration focused on sustainability and efficiency.

More than ever before, companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint in a cost effective manner. Odot helps companies achieve their goals and goes one step further by responding to changing market conditions and new technological opportunities. By adding BDO’s expertise, companies can count on the most accurate information and advice to develop a future proof and sustainable energy strategy.


Odot will lower your energy costs using a unique procurement model supported by AI and innovative software. Our knowledge of the energy market will ensure that you benefit from the most advantageous tariffs, continuous price monitoring and a contract to suit your requirements.