Energy prices below zero. Does this apply to you as well?

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Covid-19 measures are dramatically reducing global energy consumption. However, wind turbines, solar farms and nuclear power plants continue to produce energy at the same level as before. Because of the oversupply, we are seeing energy prices fall to exceptionally low price levels.  

In fact, some days or hours demand for energy is so low that tariffs fall below zero. We read in the press that you as consumers cannot share in the benefits from this unusual situation. However, that is not always the case. Our customers, no matter how much they consume, can enjoy the benefit of these negative prices.. 

Whom do the negative tariffs apply to?

Those who have a variable Belpex energy contract for the current period can benefit from prices below zero. This type of contract means you purchase energy on the variable price exchange, where energy tariffs are determined by supply and demand. By contrast, those who have fixed their electricity price for this period will not benefit from the current low variable tariffs. 

Odot’s customers are sharing in the benefits.

Odot negotiates specific contracts with energy suppliers for both SMEs and large consumers up to 50,000 MWh. Because we combine customers into large homogeneous groups, you will always enjoy benefits that you could never negotiate as an individual company. Thanks to the flexible terms we negotiate, most of our customers share the benefits of negative prices with us.  

Would you also like to purchase energy at an optimum cost at all times?

Have your energy contracts managed by the experts at Odot to ensure you get the best terms on the market. 1000 companies have already joined our energy purchasing model and are now reaping the benefits.  

How will it affect your bill?

Your bill will never be completely negative. The energy price is just one component of many that appear on your bill. In addition to energy consumption, your invoice will also include distribution costs, taxes and duties, etc. Unlike energy tariffs, they will not drop below zero.

Would you like your invoice to be analyzed?

We will check your energy bill, without obligation on your part, and simulate what you could have saved if you had purchased energy via our Odot purchasing model.  


Odot will lower your energy costs using a unique procurement model supported by AI and innovative software. Our knowledge of the energy market will ensure that you benefit from the most advantageous tariffs, continuous price monitoring and a contract to suit your requirements.