ESG and energy transition: Odot’s vision for sustainable energy management.

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In the rapidly changing energy market, companies face increasing complexity and regulation. The need to create an optimal and cost-efficient energy landscape is becoming increasingly urgent, especially with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria playing a central role in business. At Odot, in partnership with BDO, we are well prepared to support companies in integrating ESG reporting into their energy management. In this blog post, we share our vision and approach.

1. The need for ESG in energy management.

Why ESG matters.

ESG strategies are increasingly recognised as essential elements for sustainable business. ESG criteria not only provide companies with a framework to make environmentally and socially responsible decisions, but also help ensure a solid governance structure. This is crucial at a time when regulations such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the EU Taxonomy require companies to be transparent about their ESG performance.

Regulatory pressure and accountability.

Major regulatory changes will come into effect in 2024, including the expansion of the EU Taxonomy, which will require large companies to report on their ESG performance. This will lead to greater transparency and comparability, allowing stakeholders to include ESG considerations in their decision-making. For companies, this means an increased need to adjust and implement their ESG strategies in a timely manner.

2. Odot's expertise in Energy Accounting.

Our approach.

At Odot, we combine our years of expertise in energy management with cutting-edge technologies to help companies optimise their energy contracts and reduce costs. By accurately measuring and analysing at quarter-hourly level, we can calculate the cost, revenue and CO2 emissions of each MWh. This contributes to efficient ESG reporting and helps companies make informed sustainability decisions.

Figuur 1: Visualisatie uit onze my.Odot omtrent CO2-rapportering
Figuur 1: Visualisatie uit onze my.Odot omtrent CO2-rapportering

Cooperation with BDO.

Our partnership with BDO strengthens our capacity to support companies in their ESG journey. BDO offers extensive expertise in ESG reporting and compliance, which enables us to provide an integrated approach. Together, we help companies identify relevant issues, select the right KPIs and develop targeted action plans based on detailed data insights.

Figuur 2: Samenwerking tussen BDO (links) en Odot (rechts).

3. Implementation of renewable energy solutions.

Optimisation of energy contracts.

Our approach starts with a thorough analysis of our customers' current energy situation. We assess the different components of their energy contracts and look for opportunities to reduce costs and implement sustainable solutions. This includes considering options such as energy and PPA contracts, as well as energy sharing and injection contracts, with attention to the customer's specific consumption profile.

Innovative software solutions.

One of our key strengths is the my.Odot application, which provides our customers with unique insights and transparency into their energy situation. This user-friendly software supports our integrated approach and visualises data-driven analyses, contributing to 100% transparency in our actions. This enables companies to make better-informed decisions and achieve their ESG goals effectively.

4. The future of energy management.

Looking ahead.

The energy market continues to evolve, and companies need to adapt to changing conditions. Odot supports companies in this transition by developing sustainable and cost-efficient strategies. Our expertise extends across various sectors, from medium-sized enterprises to more industrial energy consumers, or companies with many sites.

Our mission.

At Odot, we see sustainability not as a buzzword, but as an integral part of our business strategy. We strive to guide our clients in defining and implementing solid sustainability strategies, with measurable and concrete measures that contribute to a resilient future.


Implementing ESG practices in energy management is not only a legal requirement, but also a strategic necessity for companies that want to grow and compete in today's market. At Odot, in partnership with BDO, we provide the expertise and tools to help companies navigate this complex environment and implement sustainable solutions. Our integrated approach ensures transparency, efficiency and a positive impact on both the environment and society.


As a leading player in the energy market, we unburden companies of their energy policy and develop future-proof energy strategies. Our team of experts negotiates, manages and optimises our customers’ energy contracts in a continuous and transparent manner. Supported by AI-driven software, we provide insight into the current and future cost of each MWh. We integrate sustainability into our overall approach and work pragmatically and solution-oriented to support you in the energy transition. Together, we create the most ideal energy landscape for your business.