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A personal energy expert for your business? Look no further than Odot. One of our very first customers, Group Van Loon (GVL), is more than happy to tell you all about it!

ATC, one of the companies that are part of Group Van Loon, cleans up to 180 tanks a day at its impressive premises in Antwerp. Hard working tank cleaners, gallons of cleaning product and a boiler generating steam for the cleaning process are indispensable to get the tanks squeaky clean again and ready for the next load. The boiler, which also provides steam to heat the liquids in the tanks, proved to be a real energy guzzler. JP Pernet, Board Member at Group Van Loon: “Our energy costs (gas and electricity) are a significant share of our variable costs, which means that we like to monitor them closely!"

The family owned company is an independent one-stop shop for logistics and leasing companies operating in the tank container sector. Affiliated companies include ATR (repair and depot), TVL (trucking), ATSL (all-inclusive services for tank leasing companies), GETS (repair and maintenance of gas and special tanks) and Gebroeders Raaphorst Transport which serves the trucking market from Moerdijk/Rotterdam.

GVL contacted Odot spontaneously in the summer of 2017. JP: “We had heard about their model of intelligent buying and hedging via the press and the idea appealed to us. At that time we employed an asset manager who managed energy contracts with a challenger energy supplier. It was a relatively time consuming task for him. ATC is a major energy user, but we don’t have the expertise to optimize the management of energy contracts.

Chris Elbers first convinced us of the purchase model. The overall range on offer was also better than with our existing energy supplier. The fee was fair, the flat fee was more interesting. It turned out to be an offer that our existing supplier could not match. Energy costs ultimately depend on the market and the available opportunities. Our cluster was recently linked to two of them. Prices in the various energy markets are erratic; being an energy expert, Odot is better at assessing these matters than we are. We consequently recently decided to renew our contracts.

Transparent insights, unambiguous management information

JP: “We soon ‘clicked’ with the Odot team and confidence increased as they regularly provided us with content related background information regarding our contracts. We recently also started to receive this information in digital format via a newsletter. This level of transparency is vital. As a board member, it gives me insight into energy costs, i.e. I know where we’re at and how we got here. The team at Odot provides me with an estimate of what we can realistically expect and this is key management information which I share with the executive committee. We like to collaborate with companies that we share a common goal with. Odot is looking for large energy users to cluster; we can deliver in this respect and we benefit from their niche expertise of the energy market. Our collaboration generates leverage for both companies!"


Odot as a permanent partner

GVL also recently called upon Odot for a feasibility study concerning solar panels. We want the company to start generating its own energy (in part). JP: “Odot has proven to be a reliable partner, it makes sense for us to involve them at this stage. We are investigating payback periods, which roofs are suitable, which installation is appropriate, etc. They also guide us with financial aspects via their partner. It is a complex project, which is why we are working in conjunction with our regular partner who, we know, has the necessary expertise."

Would you also like to discover what Odot can do for your business? We would be more than happy to arrange a visit to provide more details


Also take a look at Group Van Loon's new website: http://www.vanloon.be


Odot will lower your energy costs using a unique procurement model supported by AI and innovative software. Our knowledge of the energy market will ensure that you benefit from the most advantageous tariffs, continuous price monitoring and a contract to suit your requirements.