Odot helps keep the snow in Aspen really cold

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Lovers of perfect snow flock to Aspen in Wilrijk 365 days a year. This article explains how they ‘make’ their snow, managing energy as efficiently as possible and purchasing it using a smart approach.

The Aspen indoor snow slope opened in November 2017, just in time for the winter season. Ski enthusiasts were waiting impatiently to put on their skis and zoom down the 240 m long slope. Not long before O.[Odot] also visited the site. Snow slope = freezing = energy needed: That is why Chris and Tom made an appointment with Yves Champagne, the initiator and current ‘guardian’ of the indoor ski slope.

Yves: “Our freezing plant uses 85% of our energy requirement. We have 6,000 cubic meters of snow on the slopes here, which is the equivalent of 300 swimming pools filled to the brim." The overall snow cover is 50 cm. The first 20 cm consists of a layer of ice containing the pipework and is kept at temperatures as low as -18°C. This is covered by a layer of approximately 10 cm of very compacted snow. The final 20 cm is ‘the real stuff’ according to Yves, which is turned over and milled by the snowcat after closing time every day. Just like natural slopes, the snow has time during the night to transform into a soft snow carpet.

It will no doubt cross your mind that 300 swimming pools of snow must consume huge amounts of energy trying to keep it cool...?

Yves: “We considered all energy aspects in great detail from the start of the project. Contrary to what you might think we do not consume more energy in summer, when the outdoor temperatures are higher, than in winter. During the summer months the plant ‘only’ freezes down to -12°C. This is made possible because we use the slope less intensively and our opening hours are more limited. The state-of-the-art freezing plant is also a key element that enables us to use energy sparingly. Moreover, any residual heat from that plant is used to heat the accommodation, for air conditioning and the operation of the sanitary facilities. Did you know that Aspen uses less energy than an average municipal pool?"

Focus on green energy

Yves: "we also use green energy. To take this philosophy even further, we are looking into generating our own electricity with solar panels. We have 15,000 m2 of roof space available here, which soon amounts to an investment of 1.5 million euro. We are also involving our energy partner Odot in these investigations.

So why collaborate with Odot? Yves, “we urgently needed a partner during our start-up to secure our connection with the grid operator. With Odot, we managed to strike a deal in confidence in just two days. Apart from speed, the fact that they could offer green energy at an attractive price was also important. We know what we are paying per kilowatt and that is ok. Odot combines large users like us and locks this energy package into the right market at the right time. The better they do their job, the better it is for us! It is similar to an insurance broker, who also has to select the best policies."

groene energie

Excellent suppliers = first-rate experiences for your customers

However, Yves also believes that service is equally important. “A typical example, the bread in our restaurant is provided by a genuine bakery. It’s more expensive, but we want to make a difference for our customers. To give them the best possible experience you need top-notch suppliers with whom you can establish a level of cooperation based on loyalty. That is why Odot is a logical choice for Aspen. We cannot match their energy expertise and our cooperation is advantageous and runs seamlessly."

Are you interested in working together?

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