Hotel Franq purchases worry free energy with Odot

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How do you buy energy in a straightforward manner and how can you be sure that you are getting the lowest energy price when you are running a hotel? Two relevant questions we put to Kristel Geubels, General Manager at the impressive Hotel Franq.

Hotel Franq opened its doors in 2017. This four star boutique hotel in the heart of Antwerp combines the best of many worlds. Sleep in one of 39 carefully decorated rooms in a historic building. Meetings are run efficiently in the state-of-the art meeting and conference infrastructure. Hotel Franq also features an intimate cozy bar area and a well-equipped gym. At Restaurant Franq even non-hotel guests can enjoy a range of delicacies prepared by the hotel chef Tim Meuleneire.

Energy is proving to be a hot topic in the hotel sector. Kristel: “We consume quite a lot of gas and electricity for our hospitality operations, including heating and air conditioning. We believe that it is important to maintain the same temperature in all areas and rooms in the hotel. We also have a restaurant that has been hugely successful since we were awarded our first star. We use a significant amount of kilowatts at this site, which takes up a considerable share of our budget. Obviously, the first step is to be energy conscious. The second step involves smart energy procurement."

Purchasing energy, DIY or not?

As a hotel, should you manage this yourself or not? Kristel: “I once made a list of what we would have to do if we bought on the energy market ourselves. I would have to arrange several consultations, analyze prices, negotiate, sign contracts, and it doesn't stop there. I would also have to monitor the figures, pay attention to contract expiry dates, review whether we still buy at the best conditions, ... Are we sure that we are paying the lowest energy price on the market? No! DIY is not an option for us."

The Hotel Franq recently joined the Relais & Chateaux quality label. Kristel: “We are now part of an organization that maintains extremely high quality standards. We at Hotel Franq aim to deliver exclusive service with a personal touch. This ranges from small delicacies with coffee to snacks presented on the tiny vault doors of our vault room (the building was a bank for a while). We refresh the room when guests are at dinner and serve artisanal bread rolls at breakfast. It is all about making a difference for our leisure guests and going the extra mile for business customers who are here to attend meetings or stay the night. We distinctly recognize a similar philosophy at Odot (O.) and that instills confidence. We both consider it important to strive for long term relationships with our business partners and suppliers based on trust. I had several questions about the initial invoices, but Tom Saeys immediately made time and visited me in person to run through the documents. Working with Odot (O.) makes me feel comfortable, it is one less thing to worry about."


Buying energy in clusters

Hotel Franq previously used to rely on a general purchasing group for its energy purchases. Because of the specialist market knowledge and grouping at Odot (O.), it now benefits from better terms than with its previous energy supplier. Kristel: “because we switched relatively recently, Odot (O.) is currently still buying our energy on the variable market. They are waiting until the right time, when prices are at their lowest, to lock in our group. Tom explained, using 2018 charts, how it works and what the price benefits are of locking in gas and electricity prices at the right time. He is proactive in keeping me informed. In summary, Odot (O.) does the work and we benefit from the results."

Would you like to take advantage of the results?

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Odot will lower your energy costs using a unique procurement model supported by AI and innovative software. Our knowledge of the energy market will ensure that you benefit from the most advantageous tariffs, continuous price monitoring and a contract to suit your requirements.