This is what Odot can do for multi-site companies such as Link2Europe.

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If your company comprises a large number of sites, the (administrative) management of gas and electricity can be daunting. Link2Europe knows exactly what this entails. Or to be correct, what this entailed. Because by entering into a partnership with Odot, they managed to simplify this process and simultaneously reduce the cost of their energy considerably.

Link2Europe recruits foreign workers on behalf of Belgian companies. They include skilled workers, technical profiles and higher education profiles such as engineers. “It is about talent that is not (no longer) available in this country,” Natascha Nagels, General Manager of the recruitment agency, explained. “We are searching for applicants in about seven countries, either via partners or on our own. We often recruit in Eastern Europe, Hungary and Bulgaria, for example, but also in other countries such as Spain, Portugal or even outside Europe. Depending on the profiles our customers need, we keep an eye on the local economic situation in situ. We are particularly flexible in this respect. Our recruitment efforts vary depending on the changing labor markets in Europe and beyond.

The people we recruit come to this country seeking long term employment, a permanent contract or work on a project basis of 3 to 6 months. Sometimes projects coincide with seasons, as is the case in horticulture or tire supply businesses.

We not only recruit, but also take on all the administration on behalf of our customers and the employees. We also provide mobility solutions and living accommodation if requested by employees. To this end we rent approximately 60 private homes throughout Flanders. Even though we tend to work with long term leases, a fair share are short term, for example to accommodate seasonal labor.

Team Link2Europe

Supplying gas and electricity to sixty different sites

In the past, we worked with several energy providers. We used to manage the switching on and off and administration for each site ourselves, which involved a huge amount of work. We also paid regular market prices for our energy, even though we represent quite a hefty ‘bundle’.

And then we came across Odot.

Odot grouped our sites and, because they know the market inside out, they buy gas and electricity at the right time. We no longer have to invest management time in this; our energy expert constantly monitors the market. As a consequence we pay less!

A second actual benefit of our cooperation relates to the significant efficiency gains in our internal processes. The administration of each site is managed entirely by Odot’s customer service department. We merely communicate any changes. We also no longer receive 60 different invoices, but instead receive one advance invoice each quarter and one final invoice per year. Imagine how much time we save!"

Highly valued partner

Like many other companies, Link2Europe was hit by the pandemic, which also had a significant impact on Link2Europe's contract with Odot. Natascha: “At a certain point we had to phase out locations. We quickly joined forces with Odot and found solutions that benefited both parties. Apart from cost savings and efficiency, I think it is very important to know that we are working with a partner and not just any supplier. It is comforting to know that we can rely on personal contact. I am confident, therefore, that we will grow together!"

Are you interested in working together?

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Odot will lower your energy costs using a unique procurement model supported by AI and innovative software. Our knowledge of the energy market will ensure that you benefit from the most advantageous tariffs, continuous price monitoring and a contract to suit your requirements.