Why BMW Herentals opts for a single energy partner.

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BMW Herentals is the place to be for true driving pleasure. A one-stop shop for sales, after sales, maintenance and repairs, tires and bodywork. BMW dealer Filip Sneyers has adopted the same integrated approach when it comes to his energy requirements.

BMW Sneyers has been an Odot customer for gas, electricity and solar panels since 2018. The collaboration started with an energy quote and soon expanded to include the 724 solar panels (more than 1,100 m2) on the roof of the company premises. BMW Herentals is currently working on a second project that involves installing another 300 or so solar panels on a nearby roof.

The BMW dealership in Herentals covers a total surface area of 24,000 m2, including 8,500 m2 of actual floor space, with a contemporary showroom and offices, workshop, car wash and vehicle body shop. The building’s heating and cooling systems and automotive infrastructure, including spray booths, 23 (!) vehicle lifts/ramps and car wash, are the largest energy consumers. Electricity is still an important element for Filip Sneyers. “The switch to electric and hybrid cars is the future. We are consequently expanding our charging points for this purpose. Ideally, we should charge batteries with electricity harvested from our solar panels. Utilizing the energy we produce ourselves and if we have a surplus selling it back to the grid via a power purchase agreement with Odot to ensure that it is sold to whoever needs it, which completes the circle nicely."

“As a company BMW is highly committed to further greening, e.g. via climate neutral sites. All aspects in the chain are important here, from water use in production to energy consumption at dealerships. I am keen to acquire greener energy, which is something Odot completely understands,” Filip commented.

BMW Sneyers

One energy partner

“Having your energy needs taken care of by a single party is a definite advantage,” Filip added. “Different energy providers are keen enough to sell their wares, but it is quite difficult to make comparisons between them. Odot is the single partner who takes care of everything on our behalf."

Why did BMW Herentals choose Odot? Because they offered three benefits: comfort, price and trust.

Filip: "The Odot team consists of true energy experts. As a business owner, you can outsource negotiations concerning energy prices and contracts with complete peace of mind. You no longer have to deal with it. Moreover, if you have questions you always get a swift response. That instills confidence." A second reason why Filip opted for Odot is the interesting tariffs he pays for his energy. “Because Odot knows the energy sector inside out, brings customers together and consequently enters into targeted negotiations with different parties, they are able to purchase energy at the most favorable terms. It is not unlike playing chess and shuffling contacts and contracts to target the most advantageous outcome. You can’t do this as an individual company and not being familiar with the energy business.

And last but not least, we trust the team at Odot. In addition to being very communicative, they also enhance this level of trust by being extremely transparent. Take the solar panel dossier, for example. It makes sense for their partner installer to be commercially and administratively well organized. However, the technical team also proved to be of a very high standard. Both our companies’ engineers collaborated extremely effectively in terms of calculations and optimizations, resulting in a highly efficient and safe roof installation."

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